Java Software Solutions, Global Edition
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Mixed media product
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Loftus, William
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Java Software Solutions, Global Edition

Java Software Solutions, Global Edition

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Mixed media product Engelska, 2018-01-24
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For courses in Java programming


Empowers students to write useful, object-oriented programs

Java Software Solutions establishes a strong foundation of programming techniques to foster well-designed object-oriented software. Heralded for its integration of small and large real-world examples, the worldwide best-selling text emphasizes problem-solving and design skills and introduces students to the process of constructing high-quality software systems. The 9th Edition features a sweeping overhaul of Graphics Track coverage, to fully embrace the JavaFX API. This fresh approach enriches programmers understandings of core object-oriented principles. The text uses a natural progression of concepts, focusing on the use of objects before teaching how to write themequipping students with the knowledge and skill they need to design true object-oriented solutions.


Pearson MyLabTM Programming not included. Students, if MyLab is a recommended/mandatory component of the course, please ask your instructor for the correct ISBN and course ID. MyLab should only be purchased when required by an instructor. Instructors, contact your Pearson rep for more information.

MyLab is an online homework, tutorial, and assessment product designed to personalize learning and improve results. With a wide range of interactive, engaging, and assignable activities, students are encouraged to actively learn and retain tough course concepts.
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1. Introduction

1.1 Computer Processing

1.2 Hardware Components

1.3 Networks

1.4 The Java Programming Language

1.5 Programming Development

1.6 Object-Oriented Programming


2. Data and Expressions

2.1 Character Strings

2.2 Variables and Assignment

2.3 Primitive Data Types

2.4 Expressions

2.5 Data Conversion

Software Failure: NASA Mars Climate Orbiter and Polar Lander


3. Using Classes and Objects

3.1 Creating Objects

3.2 The String Class

3.3 Packages

3.4 The Random Class

3.5 The Math Class

3.6 Formatting Output

3.7 Enumerated Types

3.8 Wrapper Classes

3.9 Introduction to JavaFX

3.10 Basic Shapes

3.11 Representing Colors


4. Writing Classes

4.1 Classes and Objects Revisited

4.2 Anatomy of a Class

4.3 Encapsulation

4.4 Anatomy of a Method

4.5 Constructors Revisited

4.6 Arcs

4.7 Images

4.8 Graphical User Interfaces

4.9 Text Fields

Software Failure: Denver Airport Baggage Handling System


5. Conditionals and Loops

5.1 Boolean Expressions

5.2 The If Statement

5.3 Comparing Data

5.4 The While Statement

5.5 Iterators

5.6 The ArrayList Class

5.7 Determining Event Sources

5.8 Managing Fonts

5.9 Checkboxes

5.10 Radio Buttons

Software Failure: Therac-25


6. More Conditionals and Loops

6.1 The Switch Statement

6.2 The Conditional Operator

6.3 The Do Statement

6.4 The For Statement

6.5 Using Loops and Conditionals with Graphics

6.6 Graphic Transformations


7. Object-Oriented Design

7.1 Software Development Activities

7.2 Identifying Classes and Objects

7.3. Static Class Members

7.4 Class Relationships

7.5 Interfaces

7.6 Enumerated Types Revisited

7.7 Method Design

7.8 Method Overloading

7.9 Testing

7.10 GUI Design

7.11 Key Events

Software Failure: 2003 Northeast Blackout


8. Arrays

8.1 Array Elements

8.2 Declaring and Using Arrays

8.3 Arrays of Objects

8.4 Command-Line Arguments

8.5 Variable Length Parameter Lists

8.6 Two-Dimensional Arrays

8.7 Polygons and Polylines

8.8 An Array of Color Objects

8.9 Choice Boxes

Software Failure: LA Air Traffic Control


9. Inheritance

9.1 Creating Subclasses

9.2 Overriding Methods

9.3 Class Hierarchies

9.4 Visibility

9.5 Designing for Inheritance

9.6 Inheritance in JavaFX

9.7 Color and Date Pickers

9.8 Dialog Boxes

Software Failure: Ariane 5 Flight 501


10. Polymorphism

10.1 Late Binding

10.2 Polymorphism v...